Call for Special Theme Issue: Impact of Social Media in Education Practices
Theme and topics             The advent of ICT as the basic needs in the global-digitalized era has changed teaching learning process paradigm.  Impacts of social media in the practices of education in elementary, secondary and tertiary educations has brought changes in teaching methodology, teaching materials, assessment and curriculum orientation.  The availability of material sources online testifies that merits appear the negative impacts on moral education.             RESSAT, as an international journal on education and technology, has high degree of relevance to expose and explore how social media affects education practices in the field of school community, school culture, curriculum changes and academic atmosphere.  Special topics are addressed into: Social and cultural impacts to education in the global era Impact of media in the digitalized system of education Communication paradigm in global paradigm School culture in context of technology Curriculum ICT-based to foster academic atmospheres at school Linguistic and education in the global trends