The impact on society in general is increasingly visible, finding ourselves in a permanent state of transformation and improvement due to the dizzying proliferation of technologies. ICT drives the world nowadays! In all areas, crossing from Education, Sport, Engineering, Management, Health, Tourism, Economy, Communication, among many others. All have connections, either because ICT are used as a tool, or ICT it’s the way to solve problems. The different areas of knowledge can open up to the world thanks to these new resources and can interact with other realities, thus appearing a new space for access and learning production, contributing at the same time for the elimination of barriers allowing all persons to approach to technology. Responding to that challenge, means to address the reasons that explain the way as our societies are so quickly attached to this digital revolution. Therefore, we propose this monograph with the theme ICT in a Global World. It is our intention to contribute to the analysis and discussion of empirical research and theoretical, practical aspects linked to the development of technologies in both institutions and formal and informal learning processes, as in the public-social field across all areas, showing significant approaches into a Global World. The argument will be made by the editors that the following elements are considering priority, not excluding others: Influence of ICT on the progress of the society; Emerging technologies and virtual environments; ICTs as tools for inclusion in society; ICT in the current social context; New forms of social organization provided digitally; Solving problems and challenges of the society through ICT; Social activism in the digital age; Cross-sectoral interaction, communication and learning; Collaboration and communication networks; Innovation through the use of ICT; Cyber Security and protection; … Proposal Submission It is expected from prospective authors to send an email to  and by January 15, 2019 that includes the followings: Cover page: Name of the author/authors, title, current position, institution, mailing address, phone number, e-mail Proposed Paper: Title of the paper, abstract (should be 500-700 words, included theoretical framework and organizational structure for the manuscript (including key headings/subheadings)). A Short Biographical Statement All proposals should be written in accordance with the latest version of the APA style manual and submitted as Word attachments with the subject line ‘, LAST NAME_19’ to the guest editors.