Elementary School Teachers' Mathematical Connections in Solving Trigonometry Problem


mathematical connection, trigonometry problem, elementary teachers

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Saleh, S., Purwanto, P., Sudirman, S., Hidayanto, E., & Susiswo, S. (2018). Elementary School Teachers’ Mathematical Connections in Solving Trigonometry Problem. Research in Social Sciences and Technology, 3(3), 32-41. https://doi.org/10.46303/ressat.03.03.3


This study aims to reveal mathematical connections of elementary school teachers in solving trigonometric problem. The subjects of this study were 22 elementary school teachers as the prospective participants of Professional Teacher Education and Training (PTET). They came from several districts of South Sulawesi Province. The teachers were given trigonometry problem. Trigonometry problems could encourage teachers to connect geometrical and algebraic concept, graphical representation and algebraic representation, as well as daily life context. The result shows that most of the subject teachers of this study solved the problem according to procedures they know without considering everyday life context. On the other hand, there were some subjects who connected problem with everyday life context using graphical, verbal, or numerical representation. Thus, subjects who were able to connect problem information with appropriate concepts and procedures are categorized as substantive connections. While the subjects who were able to connect problem information with mathematical concepts but less precise in using the procedure are categorized as classification connections.

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