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Tarman, B. (2016). Editorial. Research in Social Sciences and Technology, 1(1). Retrieved from https://ressat.org/index.php/ressat/article/view/8


Social sciences and technology have an essential role in formation of society. Through social sciences one can understand what society needs and how these needs can be provided. Also, social sciences provide knowledge that address social demands, and possible solutions for problems of the society. The use of technology is obvious in all spheres of society and driving changes in daily life. Research in Social Sciences and Technology (RESSAT) journal emerges within this context and provides a scholarly platform to bring together articles related to social sciences and technology. As an international peer-reviewed journal, RESSAT will seek to publish articles that draws on the anthropology, archaeology, criminology, education, economics, geography, history, information and communications technology (ICT), law, linguistics, religion, political science, psychology, and sociology. With great pleasure we welcome all authors involved in improving research in social sciences and technology. RESSAT can be distinguished from other journals available in social sciences by its inter-disciplinary focus and its priority on the use of technology in social sciences. RESSAT provides an academic platform for authors to publish empirical studies together with discussion of conceptual and methodological issues of relevance to social sciences and technology.

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