ERIC Metrics Report for Research in Social Sciences and Technology

This report shows the number of views and PDF downloads for the content of Research in Social Sciences and Technology (RESSAT) in Education Resources Information Center (ERIC).  ERIC is managed by the Institute of Education Sciences of the U.S. Department of Education.
­­• A view is counted whenever a user accesses the abstract.
­­• A download is recorded whenever a user opens the PDF attached to the ERIC record.

This report is only for RESSAT's content hosted on the ERIC digital library of education research at It does not include the views at third-party providers of ERIC or at the RESSAT's website. 

METRICS FOR 2021 (From January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021)

All Views: 3,197
All Downloads: 3,742


The Relationship between Family Involvement and Academic Variables: A Systematic Review (Views: 405 Downloads: 394)

Problematizing Immigration Restrictions during COVID-19 in the Social Studies Classroom (Views: 254 Downloads: 227)

Unravelling Cooperative Learning in Higher Education: A Review of Research (Views: 192 Downloads: 248 )

Re/Coding Global Citizenship: How Information and Communication Technologies Have Altered Humanity and Created New Questions for Global Citizenship Education  (Views: 193 Downloads: 175)

The Phenomenon of Cyberbullying in the Children and Adolescents Population: A Scientometric Analysis (Views: 168 Downloads: 135 )

eHealth Systems--User Experiences from Healthcare Workers (Views: 157 Downloads: 183)

#Education: The Potential Impact of Social Media and Hashtag Ideology on the Classroom  (Views: 153 Downloads: 170)